A Mindful Moment in 10-30 Minutes: Eating

How many times do we rush to eat our food? Weeks go by and I wonder if I ever eat my breakfast at the table.

We all need to eat.  If we typically eat three meals each day, then we have three opportunities to practice this mindful moment.

Choose one meal in your day to focus on eating mindfully.  Start by preparing your food.  Notice the fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and other foods you are using.

Arrange your plate so it looks as beautiful as you can.  This can be as simple as sprinkling chopped herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, or spices over the top of your food.  Alternatively, you may use a beautiful plate, bowl or set of silverware.

Put a decorative tablecloth or placemat on the table. You may also add a candle, flowers, photograph, poem or other sentimental item to the table.

Turn off the TV, put your phone on silent and leave it out of sight.

Sit down at the table.  Take a deep breath and notice the beautiful table in front of you.  Focus on the colours, textures, and taste of your food.  Take smaller bites, chew more slowly than normal, or eat with your non-dominant hand.

Simply focus on the meal in front of you and enjoy a moment of gratitude and peace.

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